Episode 19: From Up Here, You All Look Like Little Ants

May 28th, 2013

One Memorial Day my father decided to chop down a half dead tree in our yard. He tied himself with rope, climbed up the tree, hoisted up a chain saw and started cutting limbs off. Of course, we didn't have camcorders back then, otherwise you'd have seen it on YouTube. You know what happened, a limb gets tied to the other end of the rope that is around my dad's waist. Limb gets cut, falls to ground, father catapaults through the air and breaks a couple of ribs, but lives to win the battle with the tree. So, don't do that this weekend ok? And if you do, have someone tape it for YouTube. The better idea is to call Michael Niehaus of Out On A Limb Tree Care. He's this week's guest. He's joined by Tom Van Wert of Digital Vision Marketing. They're going to help each other get more customers and keep them out of the trees.

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Episode 18: Between a Rock and a Hardware Place

May 22nd, 2013

There's so much discussion about internet this and online that.  We need SEO and authentic content, we need to blog and tweet and post.  Everyone's trying to figure out how turn social media campaigns into customers.  But none of that is possible without the equipment.  So far as we know, you still need a computer and some kind of modem to connect.  Depending on what your business does, you may need your own router, server, network, data storage, software or app.  All of which must play nicely together.  We may have Google Glasses now, but we still need someone to make sure our office manager has plugged the thing in and hit the power button.  Our guest, John Lipps of CyberKnights tells us what else our IT advocate can do for us.  He'll also be offering some advice to our Mystery Guest.

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Episode 17: Mother’s Day Live

May 14th, 2013

Egalitarian sushi, elegant internet interface and a grassroots Expo for entrepreneurs. Three guests, one show, well actually four guests, but three organizations. Last night we hosted a small party in the WKRC studio, Greg Noe and Tom Van Wert from American Dream Expo (our partners in spirit, but the Expo is all theirs), Josh Fendley from Ample and Stephan Harman from Fusian. Find out what they do and how it might help you or inspire you, then go out there and do it.

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Episode 16: How Fit Is Your Marketing Plan?

May 6th, 2013

Listen to this podcast of our talk with Jill Chasko of Impact Fitness Training get some great ideas from Lori Powers of Powers Agency about power packed guerilla marketing. There are so many ways to market, tweet, post, blog, hoot and holler about your business.  And the way it reads, we should be doing every single one of them.  But with a new company run by one or maybe two partners time is limited.  With only 24 hours in the day and only so much in the advertising budget; we have to pick the marketing program that is going to help us build a little momentum.  It's a lot like actually working out towards a fitness goal.  With fitness you can't just jump in there and run a triathlon right away.   In my case, I need to start with running to the gym.   Work your core, focus on your goal, build your strength, increase your stamina.    Then send us your "before and after" photos.

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Episode 15: Creating a Culture of Innovation

May 4th, 2013

Growing a company is hard work.  You may consider getting help.  Yes, I'm talking about a controversial word here...."Consultants".  But think about it, if you have an accountant, an insurance agent or a lawyer you already have consultants.  So, if you know to get other people on your team to handle certain areas of your business, why wouldn't you get excellent team members to help with your sales, marketing, communications, produce development, branding?  These are all powerful resources.  But another resource lies within your business and won't charge you a fee.  You may have to spring for a few lunches though. Listen to our guests, Rozy Parks of Tedia Co, Inc. and Ann Lauer and Jason Hauer (yes, their last names rhyme) of The Garage Group as we find out how to energize and nurture this amazing resource.

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