Episode 23: Billboards Still Point The Way Forward

June 24th, 2013

We have a plethora of communication methods.  Hundreds of channels on cable, satellite, internet and mobile.  And, we are in charge.  We can watch Tuesday's show on Friday and only allow certain websites to download content.  The market segmentation is so wide and varied that there's a new person who has emerged as the top dog:  the Influencer. We seek their advice, expertise, experience, criticism, reviews etc.  But even in this environment, billboards are still bringing in the results.  Why?  Join our discussion with Mike Norton of Norton Oudoor Advertising, owners and managers of over 900 billboards in the Southwestern area of Ohio and Steve Dieters of Creative Advertising, a man who has created over 900 ads.  Find out how billboards are breaking in to our psyche.

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Episode 22: The Business Of Helping Others Do Good

June 17th, 2013

More and more small businesses are started with the goal other than profit. Profit is necessary, but goals need to satisfy the soul as much as the stomach. But you can fill your soul by helping nonprofits, too. This Sunday, we'll be talking to Allan Greer of Print Web Technologies about his new product designed to support non profits. Tune in for a soul snack.

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Episode 21: Working With The City

June 12th, 2013

Finding the right clients is always challenging, but the City of Cincinnati is proactively finding ways to work with small businesses that have an office or work in the City.  Join us as we discuss these opportunities with John Lipps of CyberKnights and Deanna Brown and Rochelle Thompson of the City of Cincinnati, Purchasing Division.  This is opportunity knocking on your email box.

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Episode 20: Tech Startups Are Booming In Cincinnati

June 6th, 2013

The winds of change are perpetually changing.  Especially, where technology is concerned.  And wherever there's new technology, there are entrepreneurs looking for opportunities that are freshly created by the new innovations.  In the past, many new enterprises were started on a wing and a prayer, with the entrepreneur bootstrapping the necessary funds to start their venture.   Unfortunately wings and prayers have not yet proven to be a reliable business model which leads to the entrepreneur without any boots.  Enter the new dawn of Small Business. Some of us have learned things from history and are banding together to implement new methodologies so that we don't need prayerful wings. We now know we need a nest and parent birds and a tree where other birdies live.  And right now, Cincinnati is one of the best places for entrepreneurial birds to nest and incubate and network in rooted communities of other entrepreneurs and investors.  (How's that for an extended analogy?!)  This show features Josh Fendley from Ample (birdie) and Rob McDonald of The Brandery (incubator) and was broadcast from Cincinnati (mighty buckeye tree).  Ok, I got it, enough with the analogy.  Listen though, it's good stuff.

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