Episode 53: Breadbasket Bakery

August 31st, 2014

Entrepreneurs can and do almost anything.  But one of the most important and painful things that we entrepreneurs must learn to do is to know when to stop.  Our love for our business or the families it supports or the idea it represents may fuel the tank, but it doesn't pay the bills.  Tune in to hear how one woman came to that decision-making point.  And find out how you can learn that lesson without paying the tuition.

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Episode 52: Sue Glew, Best Friend Errand

August 24th, 2014

Who can you call to buy peanuts for your peacock?  Who would pick up stuff from a grocery store for Grandma when you live out of town?   Your ran a holiday gift boutique at the office and now you have 1200 presents that need to be wrapped, and your office manager is avoiding your gaze.  Who can you call?  No, not Ghostbusters.  Sue Glew of Best Friend Errand Service.  But it'd be fun to see Bill Murray buying peanuts for the peacock.   

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Episode 51: Emily Frank, C’est Cheese

August 17th, 2014

There's a word for a woman who cashes in her life savings, buys a truck off of Craigslist and dreams of selling grilled cheese sandwiches.  And no, the word isn't 'Crazy'.  'Crazy' is just the adjective.  Meet Emily Frank and hear the story behind the C'est Cheese Food Truck.  You'll think she's crazy smart, too.

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Episode 50: WiBN Leadership Development Conference

August 10th, 2014

How far would you go to develop stronger leadership muscles?  How about growing your professional networks?  Or maybe you'd be interested in building a support team that incorporates business life into your personal well-being. Well, you're in luck, this September, there IS one conference you can (and should) attend that will offer you more ways to grow and be successful than you may have had previously.  Tune in or watch the video.  Sure, bring the popcorn.

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Episode 49: Solica Construction

August 3rd, 2014

Following a dream is always a risk, an exhiliration, terrifying one.  But walking away from a really good paying job with great opportunities for growth and advancement to follow a dream takes a different kind of dreamer.  One that may border on being a little crazy.  Samir Kulkarni, thankfully, IS a little crazy because that's what he did.  His business is doing so well, he has in a very short period of time garnered many awards and acknowledgements of his success.  Of course, it helps tremendously that he was crazy AND smart enough to recruit his wife and partner, Ami Kulkarni to also leave a great position with P&G to build Solica Construction to what it is today.  But stay tuned, these are two people to watch because who knows what else they're crazy enough to do.

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