Episode 65: Steve Pollack, Computer Xpress

November 30th, 2014

Who hasn't said at one point or another:  "I hate my computer!"  The fact is that technology changes so quickly it's hard to get a handle on things. And at other times computers just break down and chew up all our data or locks our system or refuses to cooperate.  So where do you go for help?  You may have an IT department, or a contract service provider for that.  But if you're a small business and you've relied on a "techie" type employee, or your kids, or YouTube videos or a big box outfit then you are spinning a roulette wheel with your business' data.  We are all dependent on computers to run our businesses yet we don't have great, tested and reliable ways to protect that.  So, enough proselytizing, just sit up and pay attention, better yet, take notes.  And here's what you write down:  Call Steve Pollack at Computer Xpress.  This is the guy who is your IT department whether you're a small business or a individual with computer pain.  He'll take the frustration out and help you love your computer again.

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Episode 64: The Glendalia Boutique Hotel & Culinary Studio

November 23rd, 2014

A hidden gem in a historic and romantic area of Cincinnati:  The Village of Glendale.  Robin Thomas owns and runs The Glendalia, a boutique hotel and culinary studio.  Both hotel and culinary studio are designed to offer unique and elegant experiences. Robin is familiar with running business that have an historic connection to their communities but her plans for growth and new services are designed with a modern understanding of what people want and need now.  Tune in or better yet, visit The Glendalia Boutique Hotel and enjoy a delicious, pampered experience.

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Episode 63: Owen Raisch, CiNBA Buy Cincy Holiday Event

November 16th, 2014

Greater Cincinnati Independent Business Alliance is bringing their second annual BuyCincy event to a neighborhood near you. CiNBA is the only business alliance in the US to have partnered with a university.  Together CiNBA and Xavier University are working to create thriving communities of small businesses and non-profits through workshops, programs and peer support.  Membership to CiNBA isn't required, but it's very affordable and opens the access to more powerful resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  American Dreamers are a proud supporter of CiNBA.  Go to www.gcinba.org for more information.  Tell them you're a Dreamer, too.

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Episode 62: Ernie Dimalanta, Dimalanta Design Group

November 2nd, 2014

American Dreamers is Ohio's only talk radio show to spotlight homegrown-in-the-trenches businessmen and women.  We bring the back story of the businesses and entrepreneurs that are right here in our own communities.  We celebrate, support and connect them to resources and experts.  After a little over three years of producing the show we have someone who is filled with as much passion for small business as we are.  He is Ernie Dimalanta of Dimalanta Design Group, a local marketing and brand management firm.  Tune in to this commemorative moment in American Dreamers history and find out if American Dreamers will get a third co-host.

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