Episode 68: The Goering Center & Solica Construction

December 21st, 2014

Cincinnati has many unsung treasures, one of them is the Goering Center.  This is a nationally recognized and respected organization that serves family-owned businesses only.  They are a center of education, community and resources that have helped many Cincinnati families grow their businesses to become icons of success.  LaRosa's, Dewey's Pizza, Graeter's are just a few of their members.  I guess they come to mind readily because I like eating :)

BUT, if you have a family-owned business, please do yourself a favor a check out the Goering Center. The cost of membership is very low and the benefits are huge.  Tell them you're an American Family of Dreamers.
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Episode 67: The Fabulous Linda Lee

December 14th, 2014

For thousands of businesses Facebook has been the single most influential social media channel to get sales, create brand awareness and grow a customer base.  Well, that is going to be a bit different in 2015.  Facebook has changed the landscape once again and it's going to hit micro-businesses and solopreneurs very hard.  Tune in to our conversation with Linda Lee The Social Media Quarterback, and get some touchdown ideas for your playbook.  

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Episode 66: Ernie Dimalanta, Marketing

December 7th, 2014

More marketing thoughts with Ernie Dimalanta.  This is going to be an ongoing special Sunday, so set your calendars, bring your pencils or thumbs, and get ready to take some notes.  Tune in and crack the marketing nut that's holding your company from reaching the next level.

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