Episode 84: Lisa Ebbert, Cupcake Crazy & Dimalanta Design Group

April 28th, 2015

"To have your cake and eat it too" means to have the best of all worlds and that is what it feels like when you eat the Cheesecake cupcake from Cupcake Crazy.  Meet Lisa Ebbert and her daughter, Lauren - confectionary geniuses and buttercream frosting artists. Joining us is our new co-host, Ernie Dimalanta who has worked with Lisa helping her build a sweet empire one cupcake at a time.

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Episode 83: Teresa Wade, Re.You Studio & Carmen Krupar, Cybervise LTD

April 28th, 2015

There are some people who've made it through their youth without regret.  Perhaps had better judgment or maturity than others of us who uh...made questionable choices.  One of our guests tonight is Teresa Wade of ReYou Studio and she can't really help expunge any criminal records for you, but she can help wipe clean some evidence from your past.  Our other guest, Carmen Krupar of Cybervise LTD has helped Re.You Studio on all things website, she's here to give us some tips.  Tune in.

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Links Unlimited Scott Kooken & Jason Redwine LANrm

April 22nd, 2015

It used to be that credit card companies enticed new cardholders to sign up with low interest rates and customizable cards (whatever?).  But these days, it's all about rewards.  Yup, our loyalty is being bought by Applebees gift cards and slightly discounted airline tickets.  But if we're lucky, we could also score a nice piece of luggage, or a BOSE speaker or even a Callaway Big Bertha Driver.  No, that's not a chauffeur from an Eastern European nation. Today Jason Redwine brings Scott Kooken of Links Unlimited and Scott's going to tell us how to get a Big Bertha.  Hit play.

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Episode 82: Betsy Newman, SCORE & Melanie Cedargren, the Spicy Olive

April 6th, 2015

She shoots, she SCORES!  Some of us have heard of SCORE as some kind of resource for entrepreneurs, but the perception or mis-perception should I say, is that it's a stuffy, old, retired executives.  That's truly not the case any more, and they want the world to know.  SCORE is a one on one, customized mentoring program that is FREE and has no time limit.  For an entrepreneur or even an early stage business that type of resource and assistance is priceless. Melanie Cedargren of The Spicy Olive is one of those businesses.  And her company is about to open it's 3rd store. There must be something good going on there.  Check it out.  

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