Episode 110: Keith Schneider, Square 1

October 25th, 2015

In The Princess Bride, after Inigo Montoya woke up to find the Man in Black had bested him he went to the nearest pub and had a few drinks. Well, maybe more than a few, possibly he got hammered but he also went back to the beginning as Vizzini told him to do. Returning to square one is humbling, because it means something you planned or tried didn't produce exactly the results you wanted. But for those whose intellect and passion are bigger than their ego, square one is also a safe place to regroup, assess the situation and to learn and plan the next move. For Inigo Montoya going back to the beginning, square one, let him figure out what it was he really wanted in life. It gave him clarity. From there he realized who and what he needed to achieve his goal. Keith Schneider built Square 1 to help startups and entrepreneurs find exactly that kind of clarity in what they do and to also help them navigate the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Let's face it, we could all use a holocaust cloak and some help when we want to storm the castle.

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Episode 109: Steve Lumley, LGI CFO

October 18th, 2015

Running a profitable business is as much about controlling costs as it is about creating revenue. But costs can take the shape of many things. Unfortunately one of them is the shape of employees. Tune in to Steve Lumley, Founder and CEO of LGICFO, to hear about some preventive steps you can take to protect your business.  

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Episode 108: Lori Williams, Guardian Global Tracking

October 11th, 2015

When I misplace my keys it's always in the last place I look. I can't say the same for my mother who's developing Alzheimer's. I worry about her - she insists on living alone and takes offense at the notion that she might need some supervision at times. But she's already slipped on the stairs once (without breaking anything) but what about the next time? Yeah, I know, get the emergency voice box so she can call out "I've fallen and I can't get up" but then she'd be lying on the floor waiting for paramedics to get there. Lori Williams of Guardian Global Tracking has a unique and effective solution. Tune in.

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Episode 107: Robynn Anton, RGA Creative

October 4th, 2015

There was a time when businesses only needed to hang a shingle and presto - open for business. Then came telephones with the 20 lbs. directory and the display ads.  Now it's websites. However the internet is a crowded place. How do you stand out, get noticed and attract strangers (also known as customers)?  The first step is to get some information from an expert. But how many times have we been lured in with a promise of tips or advice only to be snowed with someone's past clients or claimed expertise then sold their services? Well, Robynn Anton is a marketing strategist who delivers. She joins us with actionable advice on social media marketing. Tune in, take notes and share the link.

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