Episode 192: Chris Flores, Three Corners Capital

December 26th, 2017

It's better to give than to receive. True, but it's BEST to give AND receive. At least when you are talking about investing your hard earned money. This week on American Dreamers, our guest is Chris Flores of Three Corners Capital, and he discusses strategies that will help you do both.  

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Episode 191: Brett Harpel, Accelerate Accountability

December 18th, 2017

Where do you fall on the DISC assessment and how does it effect your ability to close a deal? Sales success comes in many shapes and sizes. Join us as we talk with Brett Harpel from Accelerate Accountability and explore what makes someone successful at sales, as well as what you need to do to better understand your prospects and clients.

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Episode 190: Jason Hertzenberg, Recycle Cincinnati

December 11th, 2017

Sometimes what's old is new again. This week on American Dreamers, Jason Hertzenberg of Recycle Cincinnati talks about leaving a successful job in financial services to open up his own business, hauling away peoples junk and re-purposing the same in his shop.  Doesn't that seem like a natural transition?  We didn't think so either!  You could say he's just re-playing the second hand he was dealt.

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