Episode 184: Dave Willacker and Brandi Clark, FREAK

October 18th, 2017

Everybody has a freak flag...they just don't always fly it. That is definitely NOT the case with our guests, Dave Willacker and Brandi Clark. They fly it high and proud! Dave eats fire, swallows swords and electrocutes himself...on purpose! And Brandi...well, she walks on broken glass, gets buckwhipped and lays in a coffin filled with 80 of biggest hissing cockroaches you've ever seen!  And...sometimes she eats them! They're just a couple of freaks... trying to earn a buck. 

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Episode 47: Dave Willacker, Cincinnati Circus Company

July 20th, 2014

Some of us dream of becoming presidents, doctors, video game beta testers or restaurant critics.  But who dreams of having elephants in his backyard?  Dave Willacker, that's who.  He also dreamt of bring the Trapeze to Cincinnati, while on vacation with his wife to DC.  He succeeded in doing that and has thus brought the dream of flying on the trapeze to any Cincinnatian with $55 bucks in their pocket.  We love Dave.

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