Episode 113: Dave Hatter, Definity Partners

November 22nd, 2015

The paranoia about machines and robots taking over the world and enslaving humans is a time-honored traditional story line in Hollywood movies. And it's fun to watch. But regardless whether we take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill we know that THAT reality is still pretty far away. New technologies have always promised a life where the most time-consuming and mind-numbing tasks would be taken care of by machines. So that our time could be spent in pursuit of happiness: true happiness - not the "cleaned-the-house-happiness" or "filed-the-invoices-happiness." That idea of automation in the business world means looking at software and technology as a way to allow everyone to stop doing low-value work and contribute high-value work instead. With all due respect Morpheus, THAT is innovation.  Jason Redwine of LANrm co-hosts as Dave Hatter of Definity Partners chats with us on innovation and more.

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Episode 111: Ray Attiyah, Definity & Run Improve Grow

November 8th, 2015

In the words of Graham Parker, "Passion is no ordinary word." And passion is necessary to overcome mediocrity and reach excellence. In my opinion it's become diluted nowadays. One thing about passion is that it's contagious. When hearing or seeing that excitement, deep conviction and joy in the face of someone who has truly a passion we can't help ourselves; we feel it too. Sometimes we can even get swept up into that passion. What we hear and see rings true for ourselves. Ray Attiyah, entrepreneur, educator, speaker, author and leader joins us to share some of his acclaimed ideas of how to Run, Improve and Grow your business or organization. And he does it with passion. Buckle up and tune in, you'll get swept away. 

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