Episode 33: Nothing Gets Between Me and My Content Marketing

April 16th, 2014

Remember Brooke Shields and those famous words?  brooke-shields.jpgbrooke-shields.jpgWell, she didn't say "content marketing" but anyways, Calvin Klein was pioneer of the designer denim lines that appeared in 1970.  The designer denim trend took an item of clothing that everyone had (and had taken for granted) and with a few snips and stitches the transformed it into a status symbol.  Now you can wear his jeans, eat off his dishes, sleep under his sheets and show the world that your lifestyle is a Calvin Klein lifestyle.  Sortof all show and no go.  Today's successful marketing campaign reaches its consumers by creating great and GENUINE content first, then trotting down the runway with it. Here's Randi Kenney from the Eisen Agency to tell us more.

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