Episode 15: Creating a Culture of Innovation

May 4th, 2013

Growing a company is hard work.  You may consider getting help.  Yes, I'm talking about a controversial word here...."Consultants".  But think about it, if you have an accountant, an insurance agent or a lawyer you already have consultants.  So, if you know to get other people on your team to handle certain areas of your business, why wouldn't you get excellent team members to help with your sales, marketing, communications, produce development, branding?  These are all powerful resources.  But another resource lies within your business and won't charge you a fee.  You may have to spring for a few lunches though. Listen to our guests, Rozy Parks of Tedia Co, Inc. and Ann Lauer and Jason Hauer (yes, their last names rhyme) of The Garage Group as we find out how to energize and nurture this amazing resource.

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