Episode 115: Richard Graeter, Graeter’s Ice Cream

December 6th, 2015

You know they do seasonal specials like Pumpkin, Peach, Watermelon Sorbet and Peppermint Stick but did you know Graeter's Ice Cream also has Apple Cider Sorbet, Banana Chocolate Chip, Blackberry White Chocolate Chip, Bourbon Ball and Cheesecake flavors? You may not have heard of these because they're only available in certain scoop parlors. If you live near one that means you're probably within a day's drive of Cincinnati. Lucky you! But the rest of those poor slobs out there can now rejoice because Graeter's is available on the shelf in over 8000 retail locations across the country.  WooHoo! French Pot Yum for everyone! Tune in to our conversation with President and CEO Rich Graeter to find out the secret to how one of Cincinnati's beloved and delicious institutions is going big by staying small. 

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