Episode 42: Mad Tree Brewing Company

June 15th, 2014

Psychopathy, Lift, Happy Amber, Identity Crisis and Galaxy High.  No, these are not names of new mood disorders. They're what you'll find on tap at 5164 Kennedy Avenue home to Mad Tree Brewing Company. Ohio's first craft brewery to can their beers in the modern age.  Don't let the Duck Dynasty beards and pun-ny titles fool you.  These guys are mad geniuses concocting fresh blends of fermented sugar derived from saccharified starch by day and pulling pints by night.  You don't need to be a beer connoisseur to pull up a stool and enjoy a cold one, but you do need opposable thumbs.  Cheers.

The photo's blurry because our producer, James had one too many in the booth (that means he had 2)
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