Episode 123: John Morris, Ohio Valley Assoc. of Builders and Contractors

January 29th, 2016

It's amazing how important one nail or screw can be. Consider how many screws hold up one wall cabinet in your kitchen, then weigh all the dishes that get stored there. Then imagine one out of every 4 screws in your kitchen disappearing. That's a simplistic analogy for what the construction industry is facing right now. No, not a shortage of screws, but a shortage of workers. Tune in to John Morris of Ohio Valley Association of Builders and Contractors and Cathleen Snyder of Strategic HR to find out what it's going to take to fill the pipeline of future builders.
BTW, if you're a business that needs to fill positions in the construction industry, take advantage of this upcoming hiring event that is specific for contractors and builders. March 2 at Cintas Center (Xavier). Costs $75 to exhibit and last year there were 200 attendees. Use the link below to go to the registration page.    http://bit.ly/1SkPqkB
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