Episode 68: The Goering Center & Solica Construction

December 21st, 2014

Cincinnati has many unsung treasures, one of them is the Goering Center.  This is a nationally recognized and respected organization that serves family-owned businesses only.  They are a center of education, community and resources that have helped many Cincinnati families grow their businesses to become icons of success.  LaRosa's, Dewey's Pizza, Graeter's are just a few of their members.  I guess they come to mind readily because I like eating :)

BUT, if you have a family-owned business, please do yourself a favor a check out the Goering Center. The cost of membership is very low and the benefits are huge.  Tell them you're an American Family of Dreamers.
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Episode 49: Solica Construction

August 3rd, 2014

Following a dream is always a risk, an exhiliration, terrifying one.  But walking away from a really good paying job with great opportunities for growth and advancement to follow a dream takes a different kind of dreamer.  One that may border on being a little crazy.  Samir Kulkarni, thankfully, IS a little crazy because that's what he did.  His business is doing so well, he has in a very short period of time garnered many awards and acknowledgements of his success.  Of course, it helps tremendously that he was crazy AND smart enough to recruit his wife and partner, Ami Kulkarni to also leave a great position with P&G to build Solica Construction to what it is today.  But stay tuned, these are two people to watch because who knows what else they're crazy enough to do.

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