Episode 102: Shannon Villalba, Villalba Dunn

August 30th, 2015

Are you an Optimistic Ostrich?  Yes, I'm talking to you and you know who you are.  I can call you out because I'm a bit of an Ostrich myself. We keep our heads in the sand because looking at the worst possibilities is too painful. Maybe we also think if we don't acknowledge that failure and disaster are a possibility then it won't happen.  Not to us, right?  And, not that I'm singling any group out, but you Creative Types are really susceptible to this. This week Shannon Villalba a dynamo lawyer, gives us some great advice from the legal side.  So pull your head out of the sand. Tune in.

Villalba Dunn Law 

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Episode 44: Red Tree Art Gallery and Coffee Shop

July 1st, 2014

The first recorded mention of a coffee house is set in the early 1500's in Damascus.  It immediately became a place of concern for the rulers because the coffee houses were a natural community center where people shared stories, news of their families and political ideas.  Later as coffee houses began to spring up in Europe they also served as a place where people conducted business over a cup of java. Lloyd's of London started in a coffee shop and early stock market exchanges began in coffee shops. Today the coffee shop is still a heart of a community.  It is like a church or a spiritual center - people feel comfortable there, find their friends there and recharge their energies.  But it's not like a spiritual center in that it is a great social leveller, all are welcome regardless of any ideology or social status.  It is a place of comfort and a place of change. But coffee shops are notorious for being a tough business to get into the black.   Red Tree Art Gallery and Coffee Shop is a great example of such a place.  Listen in and find out how they've done it.  And why.

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