Episode 18: Between a Rock and a Hardware Place

May 22nd, 2013

There's so much discussion about internet this and online that.  We need SEO and authentic content, we need to blog and tweet and post.  Everyone's trying to figure out how turn social media campaigns into customers.  But none of that is possible without the equipment.  So far as we know, you still need a computer and some kind of modem to connect.  Depending on what your business does, you may need your own router, server, network, data storage, software or app.  All of which must play nicely together.  We may have Google Glasses now, but we still need someone to make sure our office manager has plugged the thing in and hit the power button.  Our guest, John Lipps of CyberKnights tells us what else our IT advocate can do for us.  He'll also be offering some advice to our Mystery Guest.

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