Episode 23: Billboards Still Point The Way Forward

June 24th, 2013

We have a plethora of communication methods.  Hundreds of channels on cable, satellite, internet and mobile.  And, we are in charge.  We can watch Tuesday's show on Friday and only allow certain websites to download content.  The market segmentation is so wide and varied that there's a new person who has emerged as the top dog:  the Influencer. We seek their advice, expertise, experience, criticism, reviews etc.  But even in this environment, billboards are still bringing in the results.  Why?  Join our discussion with Mike Norton of Norton Oudoor Advertising, owners and managers of over 900 billboards in the Southwestern area of Ohio and Steve Dieters of Creative Advertising, a man who has created over 900 ads.  Find out how billboards are breaking in to our psyche.

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