Episode 88: Chris Gruenke, CPNSquared, Jason Redwine, LANrm

May 24th, 2015

Business owners (generally speaking) don't love numbers and accounting.  But it's an absolute MUST if you want to succeed.  There are three types of number-loving people who can be very helpful in growing your business.  1) The Accountant/ Bookkeeper.  This is someone focused on the details.  They'll help you sleep better at night, but they may not be the best at strategy. 2) The DealMaker. This is more of an MBA type person.  If you're wanting to scale your business through acquisitions or big capital investments this is the person that can make that happen. 3) The Advisor.  This person brings a broader look at your business and can advise on many different aspects.  

AHHHH, but where do you find someone like that and how could you afford their salary? Well, just press "play".
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