Episode 19: From Up Here, You All Look Like Little Ants

May 28th, 2013

One Memorial Day my father decided to chop down a half dead tree in our yard. He tied himself with rope, climbed up the tree, hoisted up a chain saw and started cutting limbs off. Of course, we didn't have camcorders back then, otherwise you'd have seen it on YouTube. You know what happened, a limb gets tied to the other end of the rope that is around my dad's waist. Limb gets cut, falls to ground, father catapaults through the air and breaks a couple of ribs, but lives to win the battle with the tree. So, don't do that this weekend ok? And if you do, have someone tape it for YouTube. The better idea is to call Michael Niehaus of Out On A Limb Tree Care. He's this week's guest. He's joined by Tom Van Wert of Digital Vision Marketing. They're going to help each other get more customers and keep them out of the trees.

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