Episode 16: How Fit Is Your Marketing Plan?

May 6th, 2013

Listen to this podcast of our talk with Jill Chasko of Impact Fitness Training get some great ideas from Lori Powers of Powers Agency about power packed guerilla marketing. There are so many ways to market, tweet, post, blog, hoot and holler about your business.  And the way it reads, we should be doing every single one of them.  But with a new company run by one or maybe two partners time is limited.  With only 24 hours in the day and only so much in the advertising budget; we have to pick the marketing program that is going to help us build a little momentum.  It's a lot like actually working out towards a fitness goal.  With fitness you can't just jump in there and run a triathlon right away.   In my case, I need to start with running to the gym.   Work your core, focus on your goal, build your strength, increase your stamina.    Then send us your "before and after" photos.

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